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          Connor Kearnan, left, named head coach of Queen\'s Gaels.

          Mitch Ogilvie is the 2021 CUFLA MVP

          Photo: Spencer Anderson

          Photo courtesy Nipissing Athletics

          Photo courtesy Nipissing Athletics

          Connor Kearnan Named Queen's Gaels Head Coach

          The Queen's University Gaels have announced that Connor Kearnan is taking the reins as the team's new head coach.? "I am very honoured and humbled to be selected as the next Men's Lacrosse coach at Queen's University," Kearnan said in an article posted on the Queen's Athletics web site. "I'm extremely ...

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          Ogilvie and Dominey Head List of 2021 CUFLA Award Winners

          CUFLA named Mitch Ogilvie the 2021 MVP, Scott Dominey the top graduating player, plus seven other players all stars for the most recent season.

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          Brock Downs Guelph in Overtime to pture Baggataway Cup Championship.

          Brock beat Guelph 10-9 in overtime to win the 2021 Baggataway Cup.

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          Brock Pulls Away From Bishop's to Win Semifinal #2

          Brock beat Bishop's in the second Baggataway Cup semifinal to advance to the championship game Sunday at 2pm, live on Lacrosse Sports Network.

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          Guelph Takes Out Top-Seeded Trent in Semifinal #1

          Guelph ousted Trent in semifinal #1 at the 2021 Baggataway Cup.

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